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Best Places to Live in the US

Posted by in Regional: United States  ~  May 27, 2012 07:54:56 PM

Want to move but don’t know where to go? Tired of your life and want to start afresh? Thinking of going on a little road trip? If you are thinking of moving but still at a loss on where to go, let me give you a little help in choosing the best place for you. I give you some of the best places to live in.

According to statistics, the best place to live in is Middleton, Wisconsin. It has an 87.3% air quality index and lots of job opportunities especially on medical, technological and pharmaceutical industries. With a 13.02% job growth and 100% of the children in private or public schools, how can you say no? You would think that a population of 17,000 would have nothing to do after office hours but in Middleton there are 977 great restaurants and 210 bars with the Capital Brewery beer garden for corporate events. House prices are also quite reasonable with only $290,269 as the average house price.

Hanover in New Hampshire was chosen as the second best place to live in with its rich cultural diversity and environmental engineering and technological firms to attract jobseekers. Hanover only has 8,500 people but its median family income is $102, 456 with a 10.17% job growth over the years. It has an 88.9% high air quality index with 0 personal crime rate. The average time to commute is only 9.4 minutes. So if you want a place that has lots of good restaurants and shops, with activities all year round and great skiing and skating places during winter then Hanover, New Hamphsire is the place for you.

If you’re looking for a place that screams history and loves biking and running, then Louisville, Colorado is for you. It was founded in 1882 and most of the historical buildings are still intact and beautifully preserved. It offers a 26-mile biking and running path that cuts across town. Louisville’s home prices have skyrocketed over the years, but old farmhouses and condos are sold for only $200,000 or less. With a population of 19,400, Louisville offers a wide selection of restaurants (2,067), bars (286), movie theaters (23) and museums (7). Best of all, it has a 84.4% air quality index and only 2 personal crime incidents per 1000 people.

Lake Mary in Florida offers not only great job opportunities but is also home to fishing, boating and golfing enthusiasts. Lake Mary offers a lot of job opportunities with a high of 18.22% job growth and its usual 13,200 residents balloon to 35,000 as commuters arrive. Lake Mary is only 45 minutes from Dayton Beach and 30 minutes from Orlando, with over 2,169 restaurants and 234 bars to boot. It also has an 88.5% air quality index and low personal crime rate. Average home prices are $ 321,173 but there are four-bedroom, three-bathroom houses that are sold for $300,000. Although, I still think that the best thing about Lake Mary is that it has no income tax.

This is just a partial list but I do hope this helps. Happy searching!