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Choosing Nail Polish Colors for Fall

Posted by in Shopping: Beauty & Personal Care  ~  April 24, 2012 01:43:50 PM

Nail polish is one of the many beauty products that a lot of women will purchase at some point. When selecting new shades to wear, many do not give any thought to the season that they will be wearing the nail polish during. Here’s why you need to take the season that you are wearing nail polish during into consideration, and some tips on what nail polish colors you should choose for fall.

Matching Your Clothing Colors

The main reason that it is important to think about the season when selecting shades of nail polish is because you will want to choose colors that match your clothing. Most people wear certain apparel colors during the spring and summer, and other colors during the months of autumn and winter. You do not want the nail polish that you choose to clash with the outfits that you are wearing. Most people do not wear shades of hot pink and turquoise during the fall because these colors are not generally sold. Thus, it best to avoid wearing nail polish colors like these, which will be very vibrant and will clash with just about any outfit.

What Nail Polish Colors to Choose

When selecting nail polish colors, the best thing that you can do is look at the fall season clothes that you have purchased. Try to take note of what colors you wear the most. Most people wear dark brown, wine purple, navy blue, and maroon. Many people also wear dark shades of pink, green, and mustard yellow during this time of year. Any of these nail polish colors can be a great choice for the fall season. Also keep in mind that there are many metallic nail polish colors which will look great during this time of year. Metallic shades of light brown, silver, and purple can all be great choices for the fall season.

What Nail Polish Colors to Avoid

The most important thing that you should do is avoid colors which you would generally wear during the months of spring and summer. Bright, vibrant shades are not usually the most suitable choices during this time. Aside from shades of bright pink and turquoise, it is best to avoid shades of bright purple, green, and yellow. It is also ideal to avoid wearing white during the months of fall. Remember that there are times when one of these shades may look suitable with the outfit that you are planning to wear during the fall. Overall, however, it is most likely that you will want to choose a nail polish that is going to match all of the colors that you are going to wear during this time of year.

Many major retailers and beauty supply stores will sell nail polish shades that are more suitable for the months of fall. Although there are many people who assume that you can wear any nail polish at any time of the year, it is important to remember that it is seasonal, just like every other type of fashion.