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Gourmet Coffee: Reviews & Comparisons

Posted by in Home: Cooking  ~  March 10, 2012 09:02:03 PM

When it comes to coffee, only one thing is certain. Almost everyone drinks it. The moment you step into college, get your first hang over or start going to work is the moment you get to know this popular drink. Whether as a tool for unnerving, for staying up late or merely keeping someone company, a cup of coffee surely goes a long way. This is especially the case when you have it a la gourmet.

Gourmet coffee is obtained from special kinds of beans which can only be found in certain places in the world. These are variants are often unavailable in common grocery stores or local shopping centers. They come in more than thirty popular variants ranging from elegant espresso to exotic Costa Rican. Whichever you pick will surely bring a sense of delight. However, their numerous variant do not make them in any way common. In fact, you may only get to taste some kinds of gourmet coffee through ordering beans from very specific suppliers, or visiting really posh bistros or coffee shops.

Unlike the common ground coffee bean or the instant coffee, gourmet coffee possesses a far more distinct flavor. Each kind of gourmet coffee bean is known for special sweetness, extra bitterness or surprising earthiness which can only come from a specific variant alone. What’s more, gourmet coffee exudes a far more intoxicating aroma. In fact, you will feel the difference right under your nose, once a cup of gourmet coffee is presented to you. You can readily tell which one is ordinary and which one is gourmet, without even having to take a sip.

Most gourmet coffee beans are cultured in unique places. These uncanny natural environments act on the extra flavor and aroma that these high end coffee beans possess. For example, some variants are cultivated at a height of 2,800 to 7,200 feet. These mountain bred coffee bean may even be planted in volcanic slopes which results to a far more refined and smoothened texture of the coffee bean when ground.

Certain types of gourmet coffee beans may also be found in tropical rain forests. Often known as connoisseur’s delight, these tropical coffee beans are cultivated in the forest regions of the Caribbean and Central America, specifically Costa Rica. These kinds of beans are like the perfumes of the caffeine world. Their aromas are subtle but very distinct. Each sip taken from cups filled with these kinds of coffee can never be complete without the tropical aroma it releases when ground. This is the effect of the tropical climate’s humidity. The rain forest’s well rounded ecosystem also contributes to the characteristics of the beans.

Specifically speaking, there have been quite a few gourmet coffee variants have made a mark in the minds of coffee lovers all over the world. Costa Rica coffee for example has been around for quite a time now. The best adjectives to describe this gourmet bean are light, clean-flavored and fragrant. This is an example of Volcanic grown coffee beans. This world class coffee is often served in high end hotels and five star restaurants. It has an ultra silky flavor and undeniably buttery taste.

Ironically, a gourmet coffee variant of the exact opposite characteristics is also taking the world by storm. Kona coffee is a bean variant which may lack in aroma but has the rich bold ness many people want with every cup. This kind of bean is often cultivated on the slopes of Mauna Loa. This is perfect for staying up late, entertaining guests and even getting rid of hangovers.

As of the moment, the most expensive gourmet coffee variant is the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Also known as the Rolls Royce of coffee, this is the most sought after variant in the world. It is often in short supply due to its rarity. It is made from the most flavorful blue green beans. Its full flavor is capable of balancing prominent fruit flavors, acidity and intense aroma. It is one of the sweetest coffee bean variants in the world.

With all these gourmet choices opened up to you, it’s time for you to pick a cup of perfect brew. Sip it. Share it. Enjoy it. Any variant you pick will surely bring whole new experience for the caffeine-craver you.