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How Would You Reach The Dreamland - Walt Disney World

Posted by in Travel: Travel Planning  ~  March 12, 2012 11:18:19 AM

It would have been great if we had had a tiny cute pixie dust that we could have used to reach the magical world of dream – the Walt Disney World. But the practical world is not the world of fairy tales and we can get to the Walt Disney World only by the practical modes. We either need to fly or get into a train or a bus or drive there by our own. Although driving sometimes seems to be cheaper, yet it is advisable to check for all the related aspects carefully to find if it is really cheaper for you.

Planning on flying

It is very important to get prepared far in advance and start watching the airlines for the rates before hand if you plan on flying to Walt Disney World. Few sites really prove to be useful enough to providing the right information at the right time. Moreover almost all the airlines have got their own sites to facilitate the general flock by giving the current rate along with availability. The most logical point to research is the cheaper rate while planning on flying. The Southwest Airlines is basically the most inexpensive and the best option in this regard, although there will be at least one break in the journey. However, it is very important to book the airfare far in advance in order to get the best deal.

Road Trip To Disney

Nothing can be more interesting than having a long drive to Walt Disney World with some interesting halts all along the way. If you are not on a tight budget then driving towards the destination is the best option. Disney / AAA Welcome Center, which is located just off of the I-75, in the region of Ocala, is one of the worth meaningful halt for those who drive along the I-75 heading towards the Walt Disney World.

Some of the historic and the worth meaningful halts that both kids and their parents will definitely enjoy are Chicamauga Battlefield, Andersonville national monument (Camp Sumter), Peach, Pecan and fruitcake in Georgia, Calaway Gardens, Air-Force Museum located at Wright-Patterson AFB near Dayton, Oak Ridge Tennessee’s Science and Energy Museum, Patriotic point, and finally the Kennesaw Mountain Civil War Battlefield are a some halts, worth meaningful – for both children and their guardians.

Rail Route To Walt Disney World

Amtrak gives twice services from New York to Orlando. Rental cars are also available towards the resorts and hotels at the cost not more than $ 20. The reservation for Amtrak may be made through online. Reservation for the trip to the Disney may also be done by calling at 800-USA-RAIL. The rail route doesn’t basically hold magic for the people but it is obvious that this is the cheapest way to reach the Disney land. This option is within the reach of the average family budget and hence is generally affordable by the general flock. The journey to the Disneyland via Amtrak by the train requires at least 3 nights out. The senior vice president of the Disneyland Resort, Mr. Claire Bilby said, “Our guests take the train to Disneyland, which is 50 years old this year.”