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Let Software and Website Track Your Personal Expense

Posted by in Computers: Software  ~  March 16, 2012 11:39:26 AM

Living in a stable income means we have to budget our expenses daily. We have to think about our recurring bills, our food and all the perks in life that we like. Sometimes we get to spend so much that our salary day usually comes too late. Actually the payday is not late but we spend so much that we forgot when our salary day will arrive. There are financial advisors you can ask for help but what you really need is a budget planner that tells you how much you have spent. That way, you can remind yourself to control your money spending. The internet, of course, has a way of helping you do that – all for free.

Here are some software programs and websites you can consider using to track your money: all they need is diligent updating to make sure the numbers are all correct.

Acemoney Lite

This financial organizer makes sure everything is budgeted before you even spend a single cent. Place your monthly income in the software and create categories. These categories will deduct money from your monthly earnings, showing you how much you have left after everything has been spent. Acemoney also gives business owners a chance to use the software as their online update tool. Although this feature comes with a fee, you can be updated with all your PayPal payments and bank transfers. A smaller version is also available for your PDA.

Budget Master

This software has the ability to recall your expenses and will show them through a graph. It can also be used to tell which part of your daily or monthly expenses gets the biggest pie in your salary. This flashy interface also comes in a simple form. Before you see the interface, you still have to create categories and every time you spend on something, just update the software and see them change in real time. The software requires the latest Java and Acrobat Reader to generate reports.

This website is so simple; you can actually use them after signing up. This project is still in beta version but its beauty is in its simplicity. There’s not much to configure in your own. All you need to do is to click on the set categories and enter your expenses. Watch the program get updated and see how much do you have left for the month. Its simplicity though is also its bad side. You literally have to log in every time you spend something. Because it’s online, you need to have a constant internet connection to get the site updated. Overall, it’s still worth trying as it explains all the money you spent.

The problem with is that you need to be online to get your expenses updated. But not this one. can be updated by sending a short SMS, E-mail, Instant Messages and voice. Of course SMS will charge standard rates as well as voice, but using e-mail and Instant Messenger will make things easier. The website itself is very easy to understand as your account is updated in real time.