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Pet Proof Your Home

Posted by in Home: Pets  ~  March 14, 2012 09:57:02 AM

Pets are a big responsibility, no matter what kind and what size they are. Whether you’re getting a cute Persian cat or a huge golden retriever, it is important to pet proof your home for the sake of your family and, of course, your pets. These animals, too, will become part of your family, so their safety is also your responsibility. Here are some ways to keep your new four-footed friends happy and your home safe.

1. Place their litter box in a dry and well-ventilated area.

Even if there are various kinds of pet litter promising to eliminate all kinds of odors, make sure the box is placed where air can circulate. This also helps keep the litter box dry and prevents fungus from forming within the litter box.

2. Invest in pet doors you can lock at night.

When handling animals that also need some outdoor exercise, pet doors are extremely convenient because you don’t have to keep on opening doors for them. Make sure to get a kind you can lock to avoid any burglars or strays coming in your house too.

3. Remove expensive carpet in common areas.

This is a must especially if pets have not yet been potty-trained, as they can easy soil any free spot they see. Some pets are also keen of chewing different types of furniture or scraping against them—that includes your expensive carpet.

4. Keep valuables in high places or inside cabinets.

Expensive vases are usually the victim of playful pets who like to romp around inside the house. Keep them in safe places where pets can’t reach them. In the case of cats that are keen on climbing on all available surface, lock away breakables in cabinets.

5. Invest in a handy vacuum cleaner.

Keep your home free from all kinds of dust and hairballs by keeping a small vacuum cleaner handy. Getting rid of the unwanted dirt will prevent any allergies from swelling up and keeps your home looking tidy too. And when shedding season comes around, the vacuum cleaner will surely become your best friend.

6. Make space for your pet at home.

Your pet is the newest member of the family, and it is important to also make it feel at home. Provide your pet with a comfortable sleeping place, whether it’s a spacious doghouse or a cozy cat bed, and a place to eat.

7. Keep all your pet's things in a separate closet.

This will make things easier to find! If your pet needs to be groomed, just grab the bucket of pet products and you’re set. With their leashes kept in one place, there’s no more excuse not to walk the dog!

Pet proofing your home makes it more convenient for you and your furry friend to get by and it also keeps your house clean and in order. Remember, taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility, and these things aren’t a one-time deal but more of a commitment. But, what’s a little work to keep your cute pet happy?