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Tips on Central Philippines Vacation

Posted by in Regional: Countries: Philippines  ~  May 01, 2012 10:21:46 PM

Philippines is a country situated in south east Asia just below Taiwan. What makes this country exceptional is besides being landlocked; the country has more than seven thousand islands. That means island after island of beaches and white sands. But of course there are islands that are so big, it will be hours of road trip before you can hit the sea. If you’re interested in going to this country to enjoy the waters, here are some tips:

Foreign tourists will either arrive in their international airport in Manila or in Cebu. Manila is the capital in the country and Cebu is considered a key business location in central Philippines. Manila is a highly urbanized city so if you’re in the Philippines for a business meeting or for a great night out, Manila could be your perfect destination. However, most of the travelers who come to the Philippines wants to see more of the natural beauty of the country. If you’re traveling because of that, go to Cebu.

Once you arrive in Cebu whether by plain or by boat, you will now have better access to paradise-like destinations. You may want to check out Philippine travel websites for tips on how to go from one area to another.

Since the country has more than 7000 islands, why not go on island hopping instead? Cebu has numerous beautiful islands but those are just the tip of the ice berg as Cebu is approximately 1/3 of the total central islands. The islands covered by Negros occidental and oriental are a thing of beauty. Coming off from Cebu, you might find yourself in Dumaguete, a city that serves as the door to another island. The city is more of a rural type but that doesn’t mean city pleasures are not available. But before going there, check out the beautiful islands of Malapascua and Bantayan. These white sand beaches offer not only white sand beaches but great snorkeling site.

Before you go to Dumaguete, it’s time to hit the internet again. The Philippines has lots of websites that give out honest advice on certain places. As much as possible look for Philippine forums. If you stay online long enough, you’ll be able to have an answer quickly. Just identify yourself as a foreign tourist and they’ll be more than happy to give you the answers to your questions.

After Dumaguete, you’ll be passing by another progressive city of Bacolod. Prepare for a long road trip as this will usually last for more than two hours. Bacolod features inland resorts (swimming pools) that really hit the budget.

Next stop is a one-hour fast craft (kinda like a big seed boat) going to Iloilo. This is the last stop of your Central Philippine destination. The city of Iloilo is very close to another island, Guimaras. The province island of Guimaras is a destination in itself for its fine sanded beach. Be sure to try out their world famous mangoes. Of course, Iloilo can also provide you with transportation to one of the best islands in the Philippines, Boracay.